An Idea that Turned into a Solution:

Salt Connection, Inc.

Founded in 2003 – Salt Connection, Inc. was formed as a solution to a problem; Lack of bulk rock salt availability for customers that used a large quantity of it frequently. It was hard to come by bulk rock salt suppliers that provided exceptional and readily available services. Considering how integral road salt is to cities, municipalities, transportation departments, and grounds services to ensure safety on our roadways during the winter months, we felt it was imperative to become a bulk rock salt supplier that could meet the demands and unpredictability of the winter months.

At Salt Connection, Inc., we are committed to providing excellent bulk salt services even in the worst conditions. Our goal is to be the best in customer service and provide our customers with high quality salt and competitive pricing.

Salt Connection, Inc. delivers bulk rock salt all over Ohio, Western PA & Western NY.

600 tons

of salt per bin

Over 500

yearly clients

20,000+ tons

of salt available

We’re Open

during winter events

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for special hours

during a winter event

Why Choose

Salt Connection, Inc.?

Winter is challenging. Finding reliable bulk rock salt wholesalers shouldn’t be.

At Salt Connection, Inc., our direct-to-consumer supply chain system gets bulk rock salt to you when it matters most, to ensure 100% effectiveness for everyone from road crews to the average consumer.


Locally owned and operated out of Avon, Ohio - We're very familiar with how unforgiving winters can be!


Monday through Friday
9:00am - 4:00pm